Evergreen Marathi songs resonated with Nashikites

Vishakha Auditorium in Kusumagraj Smarak echoed the songs of yesteryear like Athavanitil Gani, a musical program that brought nostalgia for several decades. The event organized by The Legends Karaoke Club , the program had a line of several marathi evergreen songs like Mogara Phulala, Mansicha Chitrakar, Toch Chandrama, Prema Kay Deu Tula, Sakhi Mand Zalya Tarkar, Jivnat Hi Ghadi Ashich Rahu, among others. The numbers were beautifully performed by singers Vivek Kelkar, Murnali Malpathak and Trupti Dev. The audience made a trip down. memory lane and returned home with sublime memories of the musical program. The event successfully revived the spirit and beauty of marathi music.