Rajasthan will enact a 'right to health' law: Ashok Gehlot

JAIPUR: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot On Sunday, he said his government will soon enact a law on the right to health to guarantee good health services for all in the state.

Our government is working on a right that will be introduced soon. The goal of our government is to provide good health services to all, said Gehlot at a function here.

He said that the free medical scheme launched by his previous government was appreciated all over the world and almost 17 states in the country introduced similar schemes in this pattern.

The chief minister also called on private players in the field of medicine to serve society instead of doing health care business.

Congress promised the right to health in its election manifesto during the December 2018 elections in the state. Congress had promised quality health services to citizens through a law on the right to health.

Gehlot was speaking at a free medical camp for heart disease at Shree Satya Sai College here. The health minister, Raghu Sharma and others, were also present at the occasion.

The CM said the government was working on the law so that all people can have access to quality health services in the state.

Gehlot said it should be the government's responsibility to ensure quality health services for all citizens and his government was working in that direction.

However, he also said that government alone can not do everything and that private sector actors must also play an active role in serving society.

The former government of the UPA began the era of rights in the country by granting the right to information, the right to education, food security, MGNREGA. Now we want people to have the right to health in the state, Gehlot told reporters after the event.

The government should take care of people's health. A lot of money is spent on the treatment, he said.

Gehlot said that the scheme of free medicines launched in the state during his previous term (2008-2013) was appreciated at several levels, including by WHO.

Now we have increased the number of drugs under the scheme and then we want to enact the right to the health law to strengthen (the health system), he added.

Under the scheme of free medicines launched by the government of Congress in its previous term, generic medicines for common diseases are given free in hospitals.

The number of medications has increased and drugs for the treatment of cancer, kidney and heart diseases are also provided free of charge within the framework of state government hospitals.