Plants are becoming the best gift option today

A few years ago, the guests who attended Jaysharee's wedding reception and Dhanajay Bapat's daughter, Harshada, took young trees as souvenirs. We distributed more than 1,000 plants that we arranged from several nurseries throughout the city, shares Jayashree, and adds: In 1991, when my brother got married, my father had given plants to all the guests. Years later, people tell us that they still have plants with them. So, I decided to do the same at my daughter's wedding, since such gifts are highly valued. ”Whether they are ornamental or outdoors, bonsai or bamboo, plants are becoming a popular gift option. Ritu Kukreja gave away decorative terrariums as a return gift at his son's second birthday party, last year. She says: The ecological gift adapted to the theme of the party: the jungle. I had irrigation instructions and the mothers of the children who received them told me that their children are taking care of their plants as parents. I felt good because I like plants and gardening and I try to make global warming known, etc. In my baby shower, I gave the planters together with the message 'Let love grow'. ”

The recipients of these green gifts also swear by their positive impact. Nidhi Mundada, who was recently given an air purification plant on her birthday, says: I am in the last trimester of my pregnancy and my friend gave me a sansevieria (commonly known as a snake plant) last month. Since then, the atmosphere of that room has become so positive. In addition, he gave life to the boring room full of furniture and gadgets. And plants work wonders in the purification of the air, so such gifts are not only thoughtful but also practical. ”

In addition to being thoughtful and therapeutic, many people choose to give away plants because they are trending, says Simran Dua, who runs a garden shop. “It is what it is now. The amount of orders skyrocketed during Diwali and the requests have already begun for the next wedding ceremonies, ”she says.

Even corporate gifts seem to go the green way. Recently, a car dealership organized a party where associates and customers received plants as a gesture of thanks. Manisha Kulkarni, who owns another garden store, says: “Ironically, vehicles contribute to pollution. Therefore, the basic emotion behind them when giving customers air purification plants was to convey to them that they want to do their part for the environment and also motivate others to plant young trees. And he adds: People are slowly becoming basic and green when it comes to giving. We make sure to pack these plant gifts well, so they look elegant and have also been conducting workshops so that children and young people understand the importance of plants.