Charutha exhibition in Thiruvananthapuram

The buyers in the capital took a treat at an exhibition organized by a textile and home decor brand based in Kollam, Charutha. The exhibition was held at the Women's Club in Kowdiar. Hand-woven saris were exhibited in embroidered cotton and tussar silks, kurtis, salwar outfits, dresses, dresses for girls, short tops and many more of the exquisite clothing line of Charutha to add to the holiday season. The duo's exhibition. Raghi Sreenivasan and Cynthia Chandran also saw a beautiful line of houseplants, orchids and other flowering plants, foliage in bamboo pots, terracotta pots and porcelain pots, along with some bonsai. The one-day exhibition cum sale also had hot utensils and two-wheeled arm sleeves, reusable cloth sanitary napkins, mobile bags, cloth bags, sanitary napkin sleeves, doormats, kurtis, short tops, nightgowns, roads table, dresses and bags made with denim and many more.