Times Food Boardroom Kitchen: Defining the Indian way of Quesadilla with Vikram Agarwal

It is said that food is the ingredient that unites us. Rely on Times to add a new refreshing twist to food with your Times Food Boardroom Kitchen web series presented by Glen and developed by Figaro olive oil . In today's episode of Times Food - Boardroom Kitchen, we have Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director of Cornitos.

He wanted to experiment in the food field and, therefore, launched a distinguished snack product at the potato lovers market: Cornitos. When asked about the challenges he faced in presenting this product, he said that people compared Cornitos with corn and found this comparison funny. He also knew where these comparisons came from.

He thinks that people are now experimenting with cooking and now is the time to expand further in the country. Since he feels that Mexican flavors and ingredients are in tune with the Indian flavor, he prepared a Mexican dish with an Indian touch: a paneer quesadilla.

Watch the full episode and his conversation about the Blue Ocean Strategy in which he firmly believes, with our famous chef, Aditya Bal, in this latest episode of Times Food Boardroom Kitchen.

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