5,000 dosas, 10,000 idlis sold daily at Bengaluru airport

BENGALURU: It seems that passengers love to eat crispy dosas and hot idlis while flying from here.

They also prefer to pick up one or two boxes of Mysore Pak as they leave, following the food and beverage trends observed at the departure terminal of Bangalore airport.

Around 5,000 dosas and 10,000 idlis are sold to passengers departing in KIA daily, while 10,000 kg of Mysore Pak are sold monthly, according to statistics provided in the recently concluded Global Service Exhibition. The number of outlets that sell the two basic products of South India, in fact, has grown at the airport in the last three years.

While in 2016, there were only two outlets that sold Mysore Pak and three that sold dosas and idlis, the airport now houses five dosa and nine outlets, each of which sells idli and Mysore Pak, according to Bangalore International Airport Ltd, which operates KIA.

While idlis and dosas have become the best food option for passengers leaving the airport, they also carry Mysore Pak boxes as a gift or for later consumption. Other items preferred by departing passengers include coffee, fast food and liquor.

Bengaluru airport processes approximately 33 million passengers annually. With the completion of Terminal 2 in mid-2021, it is expected to handle an additional 25 million passengers annually.