Kunal Nayyar had the 'worst panic attack' of his life when he met Queen Elizabeth II

Indian-American actor born in Great Britain Kunal Nayyar has revealed that he almost fainted during his first encounter with the British monarch queen Isabel II .

The 38-year-old actor was invited to Buckingham Palace in 2017 to celebrate the beginning of the Year of the United Kingdom-India Culture.

We went to London to meet the Queen, and I was playing as 'whatever', but in reality I was very nervous inside.

`` As soon as she enters, I begin to have the worst panic attack of my life. I begin to think: 'Ah, there is the Queen. I'm going to pass out. Why am I going to pass out? I've never fainted in my life, Nayyar said during an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres To show.

The big Bang Star theory, which met royalty for the first time, had an awkward moment when he said: It's good to see you again.

Sharing the details about his interaction with Prince William and Kate Middelton, the actor said: `` Princess Kate told my wife that she is beautiful. But she didn't tell me anything. ''