Pankaja Munde does not resign BJP: head of the Maharashtra party

MUMBAI: in the middle of the flutter caused by BJP leader Pankaja Munde After he removed his group's name from his Twitter biography, Chandrakant Patil, head of Maharashtra BJP, said Monday that he was not leaving the party.

Patil dismissed the reports in a section of the media that claimed he could resign from the BJP.

In the elections of the state assembly of October 21, who is the daughter of the party's unconditional Gopinath Munde , he lost to his cousin and NCP rival in bitter competition from Parli's seat in the Beed district.

BJP leaders are in contact with Pankaja Munde. She is introspectively after her defeat, but that doesn't mean she leaves the BJP, Patil told reporters here.

He also refuted the statement of Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut that many leaders were interested in joining the party led by Uddhav Thackeray.

The accidental government that has emerged in Maharashtra is spreading such unfounded news. He may be having good family relationships with Thackerays, but that does not mean he is joining the Seine, Patil said.

Pankaja Munde removed all the details of his Twitter biography, including the word 'BJP' and the description of his political trip, on Monday, one day after creating a flutter with his social media post about his future trip in view of a changed political scenario in Maharashtra

In addition, in his three recent tweets published on November 28, he congratulated the new Prime Minister of Maharashtra, but not the government formed by Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress.

She was minister in the previous government directed by Devendra Fadnavis.

She remained present at all meetings of the central committee of the state unit of BJP held before the formation of the new government led by the head of Sena Thackeray.

In his Facebook post on Sunday, he invited his followers to Gopinathgad on December 12 on the occasion of the anniversary of his late father's birth.

Gopinathgad is a memorial of Gopinath Munde in Beed.

Looking at the changed political scenario in the state, it is necessary to think and decide the way forward. I need time for about 8-10 days to communicate with myself. Our future journey must be decided in the context of current political changes, he wrote in his Facebook post on Marathi.

What to do next? Which way to take? What can we give people? What is our strength? What are people's expectations? I will think about all these aspects and I will come before you on December 12, he published.

He also wrote that he had accepted his defeat in the polls and moved on.

I attended the party meetings (BJP), said former Parli MLA on Facebook.

Maharashtra's policy saw several twists and turns after the results of the assembly survey were declared on October 24.

When writing a new political chapter in the state, Shiv Sena broke ties with his decades-old ally BJP, who won a maximum of 105 seats, and joined the PCN and Congress under the front called 'Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi' to form the government.