Sushil Kumar was bothered by the scene of 'Comanado 3'

NEW DELHI: Vidyut Jammwal-starrer ' Commanded 3 'seems to have hurt the feelings of the Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar fighter .

In one of the scenes of the Bollywood movie, an Akhada fighter is portrayed as a child molester.

In the scene, the fighter can be seen lifting the skirt of a minor in front of the public before Jammwal stops him.

I strongly condemn this scene since the fighters are respectable people of society with good moral standing, Kumar told ANI.

The filmmakers should apologize for portraying the fighters in low light and should eliminate that particular scene from the movie, he added.

Kumar also urged all citizens to protest against the scene of sexual abuse.

I strongly oppose the film and also urge everyone to oppose it, since the film portrays the fighters in a bad way, Kumar said.

The filmmakers have not investigated how fighters behave. I demand that the objectionable scene be eliminated, he said.