'Sorry for the state of affairs': Venkaiah Naidu on member absenteeism

NEW DELHI: High absenteeism among members despite the list of prominent questions invited the wrath of President M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday, who described it as an unfortunate state of affairs.

In a rare case, Rajya Sabha was suspended during lunch five minutes before 12.55 p.m.

This was due to the absence of seven members whose outstanding questions were listed for today.

The seven belonged to opposition parties.

Sorry, I have to make an observation again and again. There were 15 outstanding questions ... members were absent. After having asked the question, they are absent ... It is an unfortunate state, President Naidu observed as the house rises for lunch at 12.55 pm.

Expressing concern about such high absenteeism, Naidu even urged the media to publish their names.

I hope the media will publish the names of the absent, those who do not come to the House despite asking the questions as well, which is a serious matter ... today is Monday, the first business day, he said.

The President allowed supplementary questions regarding four prominent questions listed against four of the seven absent.

Indeed, 12 of the 15 highlighted questions listed for the day were answered orally.

Those who were absent were Dharmapuri Srinivas (TRS), (SP), Ronald Sapa Tlau (Cong), Dr. Nadimul Haq (TMC), Dr. Sasikala (AIADMK), (CPI) and Pradip Bhattacharya (Cong).

During the 250 session, all 15 highlighted questions were answered orally twice during the past week.