Tnusree about his act of trotting weapons in a zombie movie

Tnusree Chakraborty plays Akira, an armed woman in the first zombie movie of Bengal Zombiesthaan directed by Abhirup Ghosh. His character travels through rural Bengal belts in a vehicle avoiding towns and cities in a post-apocalyptic world since zombies have captured most of the urban areas. In search of a safe area, he firmly believes that the government or the army has created a place safe from zombies. But in reality, the whole issue of the safe zone could be a hoax, a rumor, since no one has any idea about it. The film continues its journey and who it knows in its path.

When asked about his experience in filming Tollywood's first zombie movie, Tnusree seemed visibly excited.

It is a completely new concept in Tollywood. When I heard the script, I was so excited to know how the movie will turn out. What would it look like? That's why I gave my assent. Imagine how West Bengal would be, if it is attacked by zombies? I would see totally new images in a completely new situation. We have filmed in virgin places that also add to the visual appeal of Zombiesthaan. I always maintain an excellent exercise routine, so I didn't have to work too hard on my physical condition for the action scenes. I will be seen in a situation where I am one of the few survivors in an apocalyptic world. People spend days without even showering in such situations. They look disheveled and careless. Is a survival story and I'm very excited with my look at Zombiesthaan , Tnusree revealed while talking about the movie.

‘Zombiesthaan’ also stars Rudranil Ghosh and Rajatava Dutta alongside Debolina Biswas, Jeena Tarafder, Sourav Saha and Souman Bose in fundamental roles.