Final shot of the final mosaic of 'Darbar' by Rajinikanth at Madha Medical College

It was reported that the shooting of Rajinikanth-starrer Darbar It was completed a while ago. However, a couple of photos and a video of the star in police uniform began to circulate on social networks since Sunday. While fans were surprised about it, some clarified on Twitter that it was just part of the patchwork portions that were filmed on Madha Medical College , on the outskirts of the city, in the Kanchpuram district.

As soon as the star Petta left the caravan, he waved his hands at the people who were cheering him on. The dubbing of the film was also recently completed and the project director, AR Murugadoss, tweeted about it.


Meanwhile, the film's first single, #ChummaKizhi, has been in trend since the day of its release on YouTube and other social media platforms. The song, sung by SP Balasubramaniam and composed by Anirudh, was also released in Telugu and Hindi, such as #DhummuDholi and #NapDeKilli, respectively.

Earlier, Murugadoss's Vijay-starrer Sarkar was also shot at the same college. Darbar will be a Pongal release and a few other movies have also announced that they would also make it to the theaters for the festival. It includes Pataasa, MGR Magan, Rajavamsam, Sumo and Pon Manickavel.