Rashmi Anpat will be part of Agnihotra2

' Agnihotra 2 'is one of the most anticipated shows on television to show Today for many reasons. First, because the first season was quite successful and, secondly, it marks the return of veteran actor Sharad Ponkshe. Rashmi Anpat who is known for her role in Freshers is also playing a prominent role in the to show . Quite excited to be a part of the to show , Rashmi said, "I'm happy that I got the opportunity to act such a big to show . My character Akshara It is quite interesting and well outlined. I am playing a girl who is simple and straightforward. She enters Agnihotri wada to unravel mysteries related to her father.

Rashmi is born and brought in Pune and is married to Ameet Khedekar. Besides 'Freshers', she has acted in 'Kulswamini'.