It is not possible to have a uniform education curriculum, says minister

NEW DELHI: Human resources development minister 'Nishank' said Monday that it will not be possible to have a uniform education program in the country.

The national curriculum framework (NCF), developed by the national education research and training council (), sets guidelines and direction for the development of programs and textbooks at all school stages, he said. Lok sabha .

Since education is an issue on the Concurrent List of the Constitution and a substantial majority of schools are under the jurisdiction of state governments, he said that it is up to the state or respective governments to decide the curriculum and the curriculum.

The minister said it would not be possible to have a uniform curriculum in the country.

The state educational research and training council (SCERT) and state educational boards adopt or adapt NCERT's model textbooks and programs or develop their own NCF-based programs and textbooks to meet the specific needs of the state He said during Question Time.

The educational boards in the states and territories of the Union are created or recognized by the state or territory of the Union in question as their acts.

According to the minister, the common core of NCF includes the history of the Indian freedom movement and constitutional obligations.

These elements cross thematic areas and should be designed to promote values ​​such as the common cultural heritage of India, egalitarianism, democracy and secularism, gender equality, environmental protection, elimination of social barriers and inculcation of scientific genius, he added.