Ishani Sengupta joins the cast of Mangal Chandi

Bengali television actress Ishani Sengupta He is ready to play a fleshy role in the mythological show Mangal Chandi. She will play a character named Dhumabati , which is an avatar of Devi Chandi. The actress will be seen in a complete new avatar while essaying Dhumabati.

From her skin tone to costume, everything will be in sync with her character ‘Dhumabati’. It takes hours to tone down Ishani's skin color and paint her hands and face in gray. But the actress is enjoying playing the character. The actress will be seen decked up in gold jewelery and a white saree.

Ishani was previously seen on the Aloy Bhuban Bhora program.

The Mangal Chandi program, starring Adrija Auddy Roy , Sreyasri Roy, Shamik Chakraborty and Nabanita Malakar In prominent roles, it is popular with viewers for its attractive visuals and interesting narrative. The cast and crew are in a festive mood since the show has recently crossed 100 episodes as well. The entire Mangal Chandi team had a cozy celebration party on the show's sets. A personalized cake was organized to celebrate the milestone and the crew had a great time.

The daily soap narrates the story of Dhanapati and Khullona. In the recent episodes, Banik Samaj asks Khullona to prove her chastity. Khullona passes the tests. When Khullona tells Dhanapati it was all because of Chandi, he refuses to believe and throws away the ‘ghot’. Devi Chandi gets furious and appears before Khullona in her Dhumabati avatar. Khullona is scared seeing Dhumabati avatar of Devi Chandi and soon enough Dhanapati is arrested for the murder of Khullona’s parents.