More than 450 Shiamak Davar students pay tribute to World Disability Day

Celebrating the spirit of children with different abilities on the occasion of World Disability Day , more than 450 children of different ages, genders, castes, classes and skills joined on stage.

Choreographer from Ace Shiamak Davar's Victory Arts Foundation He held the event recently at the St Andrews Auditorium. The presentation witnessed a spectacular show of 14 NGOs and institutes. All children from different NGOs and Institutes were trained by the best Shiamak dance faculty.

The performance had a fascinating effect on the audience; applause, continuous applause to motivate special children. One of the audience members stated: “Once the presentations began, the audience forgot about their disability. Although they may not have the sense of sight or the ability to listen, even if they do not have the legs or hands to move physically, all artists have a spirit, a spirit that makes them succeed. They danced from their soul and we could literally see their spirit fly!

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This year, the theme was Mundo de Televisión, where the teams performed on stage displaying popular television shows in the form of dance. The representations of these children also included aerial acts and many more representations that were a visual pleasure for everyone.

The music, the choreography, the costumes and the designs were worthy of applause, some of the audience members said. The participants acted in several Bollywood different numbers and styles that brought mixed emotions.