I was passionate about cricket, but I chose to act on it: actor Sounak Ray

From acting on Rabindra Jayanti's programs to getting the lead role in the television production of Raj Chakraborty, Lightning Sounak It has come a long way. The actor, who found his love in acting at an early age, will be seen playing Nabakumar in Kopalkundala. And Sounak is very excited about that.

In a sincere conversation with TimesOfIndia.com, Sounak shared how much he likes to act and how his hard work helped him to enter this world of entertainment. It all started when I was in class VI. Sounak said: “I was always interested in acting. Like any other child, I have acted in Rabindra Jayanti . I also started acting in other cultural shows and gradually I realized how much I enjoy acting. ”

The actor was associated with the theater, which helped him improve his acting skills. “I joined the theater, which helped me learn a lot. But when I was in class XII, I had to take a short break due to studies, ”he shared. Interestingly, Sounak was also passionate about cricket, but he chose his first love, that is, acting.

He said: I was passionate about cricket, but I chose to act on cricket, you know. He took a short break and then added: I entered this industry in 2016 and started working hard like any other aspiring actor. I have done a series of shows, including Saptasur, Rani Rashmoni and Mangal Chandi. I have also made some short films that have been appreciated in different places.

Right before ‘Kopalkundala’, I've been seen playing Shankar Dutta in ‘Mangal Chandi’ and Captain Smith in ‘Rani Rashmoni’. The character Shankar Dutta had negative shades and Sounak thoroughly loved playing the character. He said, “Every character is different. Shankar Dutta had a particular body language. Likewise, Captain Smith’s body language was different so is Nabakumar’s. There is a certain way how Shankar would give a look or react and how Nabakumar would look at others. And there lies the most interesting aspect of acting that I enjoy a lot. ”When asked which character I enjoyed playing, Sounak said,“ I loved playing all the characters. Being an actor, I don't want to limit myself. ”

In ‘Kopalkundala’, he will first play the lead role. He said: “I have worked hard for this day. I am grateful to all for the opportunity. Raj da, Arup da and the whole team are very helpful. When asked if playing Nabakumar is a challenge, he said: It is definitely a challenge. The body language and Nabakumar dialect will be very different, since we are telling a story from a different era, but their basic emotions will be the same as any other human being.