A meeting to relive love for Sari

Kochi hosted a unique event recently that brought together nine-meter fans sari . The event, held at a resort in Thevara on Saturday, was organized by members of a Facebook page called Sari Speak, who apparently has more than one Lakh member from around the world.

The group was started by Vini Tandon Keni in 2016 with an aim to revive the love for sari. The team routinely organises such events in different cities in India and abroad, and this was the first time in Kerala. Draped in beautiful sari s, several enthusiasts of the nine-yard garment from all walks of life, participated in the event in Kochi. The meet-up also included a lively photo session, games and snacks.

On the same day, such events were also organized in 34 countries around the world, including a nationwide meeting in Panjim, Goa.