How can ace placement on campus?

NEW DELHI: The most exciting and stressful moment in the life of your campus is here. the placement season It has begun and discussions about jobs and the future seem to be taking up most of their time. Emotionally it is a roller coaster. The right approach here is to plan and prepare. That is how.

What do you want?

Think of yourself What kind of person you are? Are you energized working with people or alone? You will achieve professional success in an industry or function appropriate to your strengths and what you enjoy instead of what everyone else is supporting. Select the domains, roles and, therefore, the companies to which you will apply.

Plan your time

Depending on your career choice, discover which actions will maximize your selection possibilities. If you are an engineering student, deep knowledge of your main subjects will be fundamental. If you have an upcoming winter internship, choose one that is relevant to your future career.

Know your campus

Each campus has an elaborate system of rules that dictate what it can and cannot do in different situations. Are there limitations on when and how many companies you can apply for? Are you obliged to accept the first offer that comes? You can then choose to skip the application to a less attractive company, if it prevents you from trying the company of your dreams.

Build your CV

Spend a great deal of time writing, reviewing and rewriting your resume. Start immediately. Some campuses have a prescribed format. Otherwise, research on different CVs for students and choose a low-risk professional format to prepare your resume. The implementation of a large curriculum is only possible with multiple iterations and tons of comments.

Know your company

What companies are you interested in? What is your selection process in terms of test, interview, case interview, group discussion, psychometric test, etc.? What are the pre-selection stages and how many offers will they make? This will give you an idea of ​​your possibilities with each company and how much time you need to prepare.

Delete projections

Most companies will have multiple elimination rounds. If there is a written or online test, practice deliberately preparing with documents from previous questions. If there is a group discussion or a case study, gather a group of serious friends for joint practice and feedback sessions. This is the time to prioritize locations over ratings.

Ace the interview

Start with a list of questions taken from the Internet and seniors from campus. Score points against each one and then start with a mock interview practice. Do not argue against the criticisms they offer. Instead, analyze the changes you would like to make both in the content and in the delivery of your interviews.

Ask some of your friends to submit you to stress interviews. Finally, stay connected. A campus selection process is not a real measure of its value and you will find a job you deserve, even if there are some setbacks along the way.

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