Protest against rape and murder of the Hyderabad veterinarian in Jantar Mantar

NEW DELHI: Dozens of people gathered here on Monday to protest the rape and brutal murder of a Hyderabad veterinarian last week, which shook the country.

Using black bands, around 40-50 people took to the streets and were seen carrying signs that said we want justice and hang the rapists.

The woman, who worked in a state hospital, was raped and murdered by the four defendants, all truck workers, outside the city.

His charred body was found under a sewer in the nearby city on Thursday and the defendant was arrested a day later.

Amrita Dhawan, the protest organizer, said: I am organizing this protest not as a policy but as a member of civil society who is concerned about what is happening in our society. Why did we need another Nirbhaya to talk about the insecure? women are?

She said that the judicial system must ensure rapid justice, so that the families of the victims get some comfort.

Nirbhaya rapists are still in jail and have not been hanged. Those in jail live their lives, get food and sleep, but what about the families of the victims, whose lives are ruined forever, he said.

The cries of we want justice, we are ashamed that their murderers are alive resonated in the air in protest when people carrying banners demanded justice for the victim of Hyderabad and other women facing such crimes.

Aditi Purohit, a student at Hansraj College of the University of Delhi, broke down while shouting the slogans.

This is my first time in a protest. I am here because, like a woman who stays in Delhi away from home, the problem affects me and my family.