Chopped by the launch of NRC, West Bengal BJP to raise awareness about CAB

KOLKATA: With its goal of implementing the NRC to hit the BJP in recent state polls, the Saffron Party has decided to raise awareness about the Citizenship Bill (Amendment) by conducting workshops and party classes for cadres , a senior BJP leader said Monday.

The BJP scored a duck in the partial elections to the seats of the Kaliaganj and Sadar Assembly, which was the first election fight of the saffron party with the TMC in the state since its impressive performance in the Lok Sabha center.

When analyzing the results of the surveys, we discovered that our cadres were not aware of the CAB clauses, so they did not spread the message ...

Therefore, classes, workshops and seminars will be held at the stand to educate the cadres about the bill. The TMC wrong information campaign at the NRC will be counteracted by a positive campaign at CAB, he said.

The legislation, which seeks to grant Indian citizenship to people from minority communities of Afghanistan , Pakistan and Bangladesh Those who have fled religious persecution there are likely to present themselves during the current winter session of Parliament, BJP sources said.

Once the bill is passed, we will launch a state campaign at the CAB. BJP senior leaders will address the classes, seminars and workshops of the party. In addition, brochures and brochures on legislation in border areas will be distributed, said the BJP leader. said.

The updated NRC (National Citizens Registry) publication in Assam, which set aside more than 19.6 lakh people, including more than 12 lakhs of Hindus, has changed the political narrative in West Bengal, and the TMC seems to be In an advantageous position. about the BJP, he added.