Prithviraj: Right now, what gives me the most joy outside the movies and the family are cars.

Prithviraj's love for cars is no secret. Every time he buys a car, he receives proper publicity, and the superstar is not afraid to flaunt his car collection, which includes a Lamborghini Hurricane and a Range Rover Fashion.

Ask him about his love for cars and he says: “I guess when children develop this crush on vehicles and later in life when they still like cars and get to a point where they are lucky enough to pay them, they buy. People ask me why I don't invest in real estate; At this moment, what gives me more happiness outside the cinema and my family are cars. So, I think you should invest in them and enjoy them. Maybe in 10 years, I can't pay them. And even more frightening is that in the future, when I have money to spend on cars, I may not love them anymore. ”

In the photos that come to the surface and that every time you buy a car, Prithviraj He says: I really don't know how to get around that. When you want to buy a new car, people come with brochures and you are going to do driving tests. When you make the final decision, you will be sent an offer and the general manager or CEO will receive it and the first thing they will ask is if you would take the delivery personally. I think it's rude to say that I can't. And so, obviously, when you receive the delivery there is a video and a photo session.

Prithviraj 's next release is Driving License, which will hit theaters on December 20. The movie has him playing a superstar who finds out that his driver's license is missing and has acquired it again to film a chase sequence for filming.