Devendra Fadnavis: CM was not made to protect the central funds from Rs 4000 Rs

MUMBAI: The former prime minister dismissed on Monday the accusation that he had sworn the top office in a silent ceremony last month despite the lack of majority just to 'protect' the 40 billion rupees of central funds under the control of the CM against misuse.

The former Union minister and member of the BJP parliament, Anant Hegde, known for making controversial statements, tried to take a new turn to the political drama of the last month in Maharashtra, claiming that it was played to ensure that the funds allocated to the works of development were 'protected'. .

Refuting the claim, Fadnavis said that neither the Center asked for funds nor the Maharashtra government sent it.

He is absolutely wrong and I refute it completely. A central government company is implementing the bullet train project, where the role of the Maharashtra government is limited to land acquisition only. Neither the Center requested funds nor the Maharashtra government sent it back, Fadnavis told reporters in Nagpur.