Katrina Kaif: films are not written for women in large commercial spaces

Katrina Kaif believe Bollywood She is very late in writing for women and there is a shortage of funny films in the commercial space with female protagonists. The star said on Sunday in the West that the actors have excellent writing in movies and shows, which has allowed them to offer some of their best performances.

When you watch American cinema or what is happening in the West, you see incredible writing for women. It is there on a larger scale, in films that are making 'Charlize Theron', 'Nicole Kidman'. These are the actresses who have been for a long time. They are doing their best work now ...!

The actor spoke at an event curated by a journalist.

I've been looking for a script, I've been arguing with people. Every time someone comes to see me with a movie, maybe a boy and a girl, and I'm like 'hey, how about making a story with women in a big and fun way? Commercial space and is not there. It's just not there yet, he added.

Katrina said today that she is looking for characters that have some kind of emotional resonance.

The roles I'm looking for now have to have a little more personality. There is a phase in which we are having fun, just outside our adolescence, discovering ourselves. I remember being on the sets of 'Singh is Kinng' and 'Welcome' and everything in the world seems so happy and fun. I was having fun and enjoyed being part of this incredible world of cinema.

Today, all I hope is to be emotionally connected to a story. I would not have done it before because my emotional intelligence was not fully developed.

Giving examples of 'Bharat' and 'Zero', both projects that got their excellent reviews, Katrina said that these roles were related to her.

That's where I find my enjoyment at work now. I just make sure to connect on an emotional level, he added.