Mahesh Babu reacts to the brutal murder of the Hyderabad veterinarian: We are failing, as a society!

The totality Telugu fraternity expressed shock and anger regarding the brutal rape and murder of a young veterinarian on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The 27-year-old girl who disappeared on Wednesday night was found dead and charred in Shadnagar on Thursday morning. She was raped in a group and killed by four ruthless people who offered to help her repair her two-wheel puncture.

The heinous crime against the innocent girl has left the entire nation in shock. People are taking social media and demanding that the guilty be burned alive. Together with commoners, regional and Bollywood film celebrities have also demanded justice. Telugu superstar Mahesh babu He was the last to react to the horrible incident. The 44-year-old actor appealed to state and central governments that capital punishment It must be implemented for heinous crimes like these.

In a series of Tweets, the Sarileru Neekevvaru actor wrote “Day after day, month after month, year after year... NOTHING is changing. We are failing, as a society! Sending my personal appeal to the state [email protected]@pmoindiaweneedstricterlaws,capitalpunishmentforheinouscrimeslikethese...(sic)"

dayafterday,monthaftermonth,yearafteryear...nothingischanging.wearefailingasasociety!sendingmy...— Mahesh babu (@urstrulyMahesh) 1575174697000

In another tweet, Mahesh expressed his condolences to the victim's relatives. My deepest condolences to the families of the girls. Your pain is irreversible! Let's unite to do justice to all the women and girls in our country ... Let's make India safe! # Justicefor (victim's name) #StopRapes # SaveHer (sic), he wrote.

Meanwhile, hashtags that demand justice for the victim are trending on Twitter as the entire nation is agitated and seeks justice.