Highlights of Kapil Sharma Show, December 1: Krushna asks Archana to spend money with caution, since Sidhu Ji can come at any time

The last episode of The Kapil Sharma show starts with Kapil's compliment Archana Ji she looks very beautiful. Then he starts talking about festivals across the country and says he recently had the privilege of visiting Arunachal Pradesh.

Sapna and Baccha Yadav then take the stage. Sapna tells Kapil that she will attend an awards show and that she has been nominated for Best Actor. Kapil asks how she can be nominated, she is not an actress. Sapna says it belongs to the Govinda family and that is enough.

Kapil then invites the perennial superstar Jeetendra Kumar and his son Tushar Kapoor. Kapil asks Jeetu Ji about his daily routine so everyone can get some benefits. Tushar says that after a long time he woke up at 9:30 am, otherwise he always gets up at noon.

Archana says they all thought that Jeetu Ji is an early riser just like Akshay Kumar. Jeetendra replies saying that Akshay Kumar gets up at 4:00 am in the morning because he has got work to do all day.

Kapil congratulates Jeetu Ji for becoming a grandfather two times. Jeetendra Ji says that whatever he is doing for his grandchildren, he doesn’t even remember doing any of it for his children. He then says that what Ekta and Tushar have given him is the happiest thing in his life.

Kapil asks Tushar who is more naughty, his son or his nephew. Tushar says that his nephew is very small but that his son causes many problems. He says yesterday he only received complaints from his son's school despite being 3 years old.

Jeetendra says that he belonged to a household where everyone used to talk in Marathi. He says that he became an actor because he didn’t have any educational background and he got noticed because of his fluent Marathi.

Tushar reveals that he was very shy when he was a child and whenever a guest used to come home, Ekta imitated them, as Anil Kapoor or Govinda

Jeetu Ji says that Ekta was a very possessive girl in her childhood and that she did not like having a child ask for her autograph.

Kapil asks Tushar about the moment Ekta called the police when he and Ekta fought. Tushar says he used to hit Ekta a lot, which is very opposite to his shy nature. He says they were in Tirupati and they both argued and Tushar lost his patience, so he hit her. This stirred Ekta and called the front desk and began shouting police, police.

Kapil reveals that in his childhood he always wanted to grow up and become a bandit (daku). He says that the bandits always fascinated him.

Kammo Bua then comes on the stage. She entertains everyone by dancing on Jeetu Ji’s famous song, ‘Naino Mein Sapna’. Krushna joins her too dressed up as Jeetu Ji. After the dance, Krushna asks Archana to spend money with caution as 70 episodes are completed and Sidhu Ji can come at any moment.

Chandu then goes on stage and greets the guest. He tells Jeetu Ji that he has come from Amritsar to Mumbai to follow his passion. He asks Jeetu Ji to request Ekta and launch him in series. Kapil makes fun of Chandu saying that Ekta has made a series about Naagin but doesn't think she makes one about Nevla.

The show ends with a beautiful selfie of everyone.