Shruti Naidu's advice for girls to stay safe

The rape and brutal murder incident of the young veterinarian Priyanka Reddy In Hyderabad, which has shocked the entire nation, he has been condemned by actors, politicians, celebrities, social activists and people from different walks of life.

Kannada television director and producer Shruti Naidu condemning the gruesome incident on her face book page posted a message for all the girls to stay safe. Her post reads, “After #DrPriyanka Reddy s death, i feel terrible about lack of safety for women in our society. I want to request my female friends on being more alert and less taking things for granted. Yes I might sound old fashioned, when I say never venture into solo trips which now I am getting to hear more often from my closer circles. when we shoot late hours I request my female artists to bring a family member along. Yes many of us might feel liberated, independent and if men can why not a woman attitude, but please, your life is more precious than all these revolutionary thoughts. Remember that there are parents who are always thinking about their well-being, their siblings, their children and a beautiful future in front of you ... So let's stay old fashioned when it comes to security. #stayalert #stayoldfashioned