Ke Apon Ke Por Update, December 1: Surya fights for Moyna in court

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Moyna continue your statement in court and share how Rocky used to abuse her. On the day of the incident, the moment Rocky learned that Moyna has heard his telephonic conversation about the rotten food he started abusing her physically once again. Later, he pushed her from the staircase. Moyna was critically injured and slipped into a coma.

While answering her lawyer Surya ’s questions, Moyna reveals how Rocky ’s dad sent a few goons to kill her in the hospital. Rocky ’s lawyer tries to prove that Moyna is lying in the court and her only aim is to fetch money from her client. She also informs Joba that Banshi, who also works at Rocky ’s place, was present in the pace of incidence. Moyna objects and says Banshi didn’t accompany them to the picnic spot.

To prove Moyna wrong, Rocky ’s lawyer calls Banshi to the witness box. Banshi says he was accompanying Rocky and Moyna . He also certifies that Rocky is a good human being and can’t disrespect any woman. Moyna gets shattered when Rocky ’s lawyer continuously asks her odd questions and accuses her in the court. Unable to bear the trauma, she breaks down.

Surya starts cross-questioning and tries to prove that Banshi is lying. Banshi fumbles while answering Surya’s questions. Joba realises who is lying and who isn't. The court gets adjourned.

Rocky ’s lawyer tells Supratim that she will continuously malign Moyna in front of the court until she breaks down and withdraws the case. Surya listens to the conversation and challenges them.

As Joba comes out of the court, she faces the media. While answering the questions, Joba promises to punish the culprit.