Krishnakoli Update, December 1: Aditya's plan fails; Disha is free

In the last episode of Krishnakoli Nikhil realizes Aditya going out and wishes to accompany him. Aditya, who wants to check on Disha, loses temper and tries to drag him inside. They provided Aditya’s ill-treatment towards Nikhil and intervenes news. Before leaving, Nikhil tells Aditya to take rest too. He also adds that pretty soon a storm will hit that will wipe off all the evil deeds. Brindaban gets shocked listening to his words while Aditya doesn’t give it much importance.

Brindaban takes Nikhil into the room and tells him that Shyama went out He also asks Nikhil to not inform anyone about Disha. They provided that Shyama is trying to save the family. Nikhil says he isn’t unwell and can understand everything. They provided feels bad for Nikhil.

Suddenly, Shyama comes home along with Ashoke. Shyama tells that someone took Disha away before they could reach. Suddenly, Nikhil asks her not to lose hope adding that good times will come soon.

Ashoke worries about Disha’s safety. Shyama tries to figure out what might have happened to her. She fears that someone else might have shifted Disha since the men appointed at the house weren’t Aditya’s men.

Aditya reaches the place where he had kept Disha captive but the latter isn’t there.

Sujata organizes a bid at home. Rukmini tells Aditya isn’t at home. She also asks Sujata to fix a date for Aditya and Radha’s wedding. Ashoke tells that Aditya’s phone isn’t reachable.

Nikhil suggests a date for the wedding. Basanta, who is aware of the evil sides of Aditya, Radha and Rukmini, doesn’t want Rukmini to arrange the wedding at home. Nikhil asks his father to give permission and hints about blasting a bomb which will bring the truth out. His words have some inner meaning but the family members except for Shyama fail to decode the same.

Aditya comes and asks Shyama and Ashoke to join him for a private conversation. Aditya doesn't seem to be interested in talking about his wedding date too. This leaves everyone worried. Nikhil looks at Aditya and smiles.