Holidays in December 2019: see the full list

NEW DELHI: In India, several days have been designated as bank holidays. Public and private banks will remain closed during these holidays.

Banks also close on the second Saturday, fourth Saturday and Sundays. Sometimes holidays may vary from state to state and from region to region. However, national holidays will remain the same for public and private banks.

In December 2019, banks will remain closed for eight days: December 1 (Sunday), December 8 (Sunday), December 14 (Second Saturday), December 15 (Sunday), December 22 (Sunday), 25 December (Christmas), December 28 (fourth Saturday) and December 29 (Sunday).

The holiday in December is Christmas (December 25, 2019), a national holiday that applies to both public and private banks throughout the country.

Here is a list of holidays in December 2019.

Holidays in December 2019

Day Date Holidays
Sunday 01.12.2019 Sunday
Sunday 08.12.2019 Sunday
Saturday 14.12.2019 Second Saturday
Sunday 22.12.2019 Sunday
Wednesday 25.12.2019 Christmas
Saturday 28.12.2019 Fourth Saturday
Sunday 29.12.2019 Sunday