Happy with children's performance so far, says Iriondo

KOLKATA: With three wins in five games and undefeated at home, Jamshedpur FC they are sitting in the third place of the ISL the table and the face of NorthEast United, which are two steps below them, on Monday night with the possibility of climbing to the table if they can register full points.

The Men of Steel are well prepared to face the Highlanders in the Furnace and their coach exuded confidence on the eve of the game. Excerpts from the pre-match press conference at the JRD Tata Sports Complex, on Sunday.

His philosophy is to have more possession of the ball, but the last game had less possession than Goa even after scoring the goal. Your thoughts…

Sometimes it is difficult to have a good coordination between the players who are together for three years and here we are together for about three or four months. It's not that easy, it takes a long time to learn and develop coordination with your teammates. I think we did quite well in our last game to get a victory against a team like Goa, that also in an away game. I am very happy with the children's performance. Professional football is a tool, not an obsession, to win a match. Sometimes you don't have that space to play according to your philosophy, so you have to adapt to the situation of the game. You have another style of play, like counterattack. I am happy that my boys could adapt to the situation of the game and emerged victorious against Goa. We are well prepared to face NorthEast and will only get better every day.

Conversion of established parts, a problem?

We are working on that every day in practice. The pieces of the set are a very important part of a game, we are trying to improve our chances with the pieces of the set.

Concession of late goals, mainly in the second half. Is it a concern?

There are no failures in defense, we are playing well. Sometimes it happens, it happens with any team. We work in all aspects of a game and in all areas. I am happy with the way the children have played so far, but we can always improve.