Mumbai: 18 kg of plastic extracted from the cow's stomach

MUMBAI: About 18 kg of plastic garbage from the stomach of a sick cow that had entered the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals () in Parel were surgically removed. Unfortunately, the animal did not survive.

“This is another reminder to the public to stop using illegal plastic products such as bags. Our doctors successfully operated the cow on Saturday by removing almost 18 kg of plastic garbage from (one of the cow's stomachs). However, despite postoperative care, the animal died at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday, said BSPCA secretary Lt. Col. J C. Khanna.

He added that the cow was admitted by its owner based in Borivli on November 7 after he stopped eating. “First we put the cow on a liquid diet and then examined her stomachs. There was a hardened mass accumulated in his rumen, which later turned out to be discarded plastic bags and other garbage that the cow had eaten while searching for food, ”said Khanna.

Activists have reiterated the urgent need to stop using banned plastic bags.

“Even today, street vendors sell fruits and vegetables in prohibited plastic bags. Municipal authorities must take strong measures against these street vendors at railway stations and their surroundings, ”said one activist, asking for anonymity.

Khanna added that plastic garbage that reaches the sea has also been affecting sea creatures.