Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 50: The evicted contestant RJ Prithvi directly nominates Chaithra Kottoor to the danger zone

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7, the presenter Suddep starts the special weekend show 'Super Sunday with Sudeep 'sharing a video of the 50-day trip of the contestants.

Just when the video gets over, Sudeep welcomes the contestants. The housemates get nostalgic after watching the video and share their emotions connected with the show.

Sudeep congratulates the contestants for surviving inside the house for fifty days and further asks Vasuki to perform the song composed by him over the recent instances at the house.

Interestingly, by the end of the song, Sudeep stands in a posture of a god, hinting a green signal for their requirements and applauds Vasuki for the amazing composition.

While talking about his requirements, Kiccha names some dishes and asks the contestants to compare him with the housemates.

Moving on, Sudeep starts the 'Yes or No' session. He talks about the incidents that took place during the seventh week of the season and asks the contestants to respond with only yes or no.

After the 'Yes or No' segment, Sudeep announces RJ Prithvi as the evicted contestant. He also adds that the nominated contestants of the week got many votes. In fact, Prithvi himself received more than 1 Lakh more votes.

Prithvi says goodbye to inmates. Priyanka and Raksha fall apart upon hearing of the news of Prithvi's elimination and are inconsolable. Prithvi says goodbye to everyone and wishes them good luck.

Bigg Boss asks Prithvi to directly nominate a contestant for next week's elimination. Take the name of Chaitra Kottoor.

Back on the stage, Sudeep interacts with Prithvi about his brief journey inside the house. He also interacts with his parents and his well-wisher.

Kiccha later shares an audiovisual clipping of Prithvi's journey which turns him emotional. Sudeep wishes Prithvi luck on his future endeavors and wraps up the episode.