Case of murder for violation of the veterinarian of Hyderabad: defendant returned to the scene to ensure that the body was burned

HYDERABAD: Two of the four defendants, Jollu Shiva and Jollu Naveen, recognized several places along National Highway (NH) 44 between and before concentrating on the village of Chattanpally, where they set fire to the veterinarian's body in An underpass.

The duo rode the veterinary scooter, a red Master and were followed by the other two in the truck with the body in the cabin. It is known that although the defendants on the bicycle verified two or three locations, they did not find it suitable since there were people around.

Finally, when they found the underpass in an overpass along the road, they focused on it as it was completely deserted and set fire to the corpse after physically taking it to the underpass, whose approach was a narrow dirt road. either side After burning the body, the defendant left the place only to return to the place after a while to verify if the body was completely burned. The defendant had received an adequate response before finalizing Chattanpally to burn the body and destroy the evidence, a police source said.

It was learned that DGP M Mahendar Reddy and the Cyberabad Commissioner, VC Sajjanar, along with other police officers, visited the crime scene late Sunday afternoon as part of the reconstruction of the crime scene. This was the first time DGP visited the crime scene.

Highly credible sources confirmed that the doctor's mobile phone that the investigators declared missing on Friday during the press conference had been tracked, but the police had their lips closed and said they were analyzing it. Police also did not disclose any details about where and when they retrieved the phone. The authorities also denied the existence of any video made of the crime.

Meanwhile, Cyberabad police are sending notices to oil companies to inform distributors of lost sales of gasoline or diesel to customers. In addition to that, officials from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) were asked to ensure that adequate lighting was provided at the various points of entry and exit of the outer ring road (ORR). The police will also file a petition at the local Mahabubnagar court seeking permission for the custody investigation.