The White House says it will refuse to participate in the political trial hearing

WASHINGTON: President of the United States Donald Trump The lawyer has said that the White House will not participate in congressional hearings scheduled for Wednesday that will consider approving articles of political judgment against the president.

We cannot justly expect us to participate in a hearing as long as the witnesses have not yet been appointed and although it is not clear whether the Judiciary Committee will grant the President a fair process through additional hearings, White House attorney Pat Cipollone wrote , in a letter to Jerry Nadler, Democratic president of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives on Sunday.

Consequently, under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing, Cipollone wrote.

Trump faces accusations in the House of Representatives investigation that he illegally sought help from Ukraine to get dirt on their national political rivals, including the possible 2020 challenger Joe biden .

The Judicial Committee of the Chamber will begin meeting on Wednesday to determine if the evidence compiled in the investigation phase of the process meets the standard of constitutional accusation of treason, bribery or other crimes and misdemeanors.

The committee is expected to consider at least four charges, or articles of political judgment, including abuse of power, bribery, contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice.

However, Cipollone did not rule out the participation of the White House in all hearings, but requested more details from Nadler on how the investigation will be conducted and said he will give an answer next Friday.