No former player wants to work honorably: Sourav Ganguly

MUMBAI: BCCI President Sourav Ganguly , on Sunday, admitted that thanks to Clause 38 in the BCCI constitution, none of the ex-cricketers across the country are willing to serve the Board on an honorary basis.

When the Supreme Court had first started hearing the matter related to BCCI in 2015-16, a prominent concern raised before the bench was that ex-cricketers weren't a part of the administration. The present dispensation of the BCCI, led by Ganguly, believes it is the clause inserted by the SC-appointed administrators that is now working against the idea of ​​involving ex-cricketers.

The rule (about conflict) simply makes no sense. He has to go. I said it before too, Ganguly said after the AGM.

To cite an example: if the relative of a national coach (nephew, for example) is playing for the Indian team, the position of the coach will be considered conflicting. But what if the son of the selector's friend, who is probably closer to him than the nephew, is playing for the Indian team? How can one assume that there will be no conflict?

Ganguly simply shrugged and shook his head when asked if the term conflict could be defined, in the same way that, in cricket, the spirit of the game cannot be stressed or explained.

A notable fallout of a clause like this one (38) is that the BCCI has been unable to designate the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC). None of the ex-cricketers are willing to come forward to be part of a committee that will have no role to play over the next two years barring the appointment of selectors.

The CAC does not have much work. We keep talking about the CAC, but the job of the CAC is to designate the coaches and the coach. Then, once you appoint a selection committee, you will remain for four years and once you appoint a coach, you will remain for three years. So where is the need to have a full-time CAC? Ganguly said.

However, the former captain of India did not say that the CAC will not be formed.

Let's wait for a few days, he said. There are those who believe he, and other members of the BCCI, are first waiting to see what the SC will have to say on the proposed recommendations.

We will form the CAC. We met yesterday with Ethics Officer DK Jain on the issue of conflict of interest. We do not want to name someone and then see that the appointment is canceled, as it happened with us (Sourav, Sachin and VVS) So we need to get adequate clarity from him (Jain) about what a conflict is and what is not a conflict, he said Ganguly

Turning the CAC into a paid committee will also not work, according to Ganguly. Even if you pay, on what basis do you pay? There is no regular work, he added.