As the city loses its green cover quickly, young people demand climate action

There is a green massacre in the city and we are here to raise our voice against that, ”said Shruti, 9, emphatically, while the more than 100 young protesters in Tankbund raised slogans demanding climate action.


The group, made up of students from the school and green activists gathered in the Ambedkar statue as part of the Global Climate Strike, started with a Swedish teenager. Greta Thunberg , which has seen millions of students take to the streets, demanding climate actions in various parts of the world. The young Hyderabadis were clear about their demands: the CMO should investigate the rampant deforestation in and around the city, they said. I suffer from asthma and high levels of pollution make my life difficult. People are not aware of how harmful it is to cut down trees for us, the weather and the world, he said. Harsha , a young activist.

pg3_climate1 Mallikarjun, a 16-year-old student from St. Andrews School, added: “The weather emergency should be part of the government's manifesto, only then will a real change occur. We hope that action is taken immediately.