1.78L request Haj 2020 in full online process

NEW DELHI: More than 1.78 applications have been received from lakh, including 1,770 women traveling in groups of four without 'mehram' (), for Haj 2020.

This will be the first Haj where all processes, from application and visa to health records, luggage tagging and accommodation updates, will be executed online. The application process for next year's Haj ends on December 5. Of the applications received through November 30, there were about 15,000 J&K online applications.

This year, 2,340 women over 45 in groups of four had gone to Haj without a male partner. Sunday, India and Saudi Arabia signed the bilateral annual agreement for Haj 2020. This time, 'E-MASIHA' (Electronic medical assistance system for Indian pilgrims abroad) will help create and maintain the health database of Indian pilgrims along with medical prescriptions, treatment doctor and drug disbursements. .

With this online facility, those going for Haj need not carry their medical records with them. After signing the agreement with Saudi Arabia , minority affairs minister said they were expecting 2 lakh people to go for Haj 2020 from India.