This party was all about music and masti

The boy from Hyderabadi, Md Shamsuddin Ahmed's birthday party was a gala event. The sword-fighting champion, who has won several international medals for India, recently organized a party at a Jubilee Hills access point pg3_shamshuddin


Several socialites of the city, actors and designers appeared in the do, dressed in their best clothes. Shamsuddin was delighted when his friends surprised him with two cakes, while one was shaped like a cricket ground, the other was shaped like a gold watch.


pg3_shamshuddin4 Turkish General Consul, Adnan Altinors and wife Kubra, actors Ambati Arjun, Ashwin Babu, Harsha Chemudu and singer LV Revanth They were seen in the do. The party continued until late at night, as the guests enjoyed live music and a wide variety of food and drinks.