How Sekhar gave Chaitanya a makeover of pakka Telangana!

Usually, heroin is the true heroine of Sekhar Kammula's love stories. Be it the brave editor, Roopa in her debut movie Anand or the brave fashion designer Seetha in her next one, Godavari (both played by Kamalinee Mukherjee), or the fighter Bhanumathi, rehearsed with poise by Sai Pallavi In Fidaa last year, female characters have been the USP of her films. But if the advancement of his next is something to go through, it seems that the hero will be the novel factor this time, for a change. AND Sekhar Kammula confess so much. Naga Chaitanya will be the special attraction of the film, declares the filmmaker.


The Akkineni scion seems to have gotten the Sekhar Kammula -treatment alright. “He plays a village boy who moves to Hyderabad with dreams of making it big. There is nothing hero-like about this character. He sweeps his house, washes his clothes, saves up money in a kiddy bank and cries as he struggles to make something of himself, ”explains Sekhar, adding,“ It's a character that is reflective of hordes of young men from small towns who move to Hyderabad with dreams of carving a better life for themselves. ”


Sai Pallavi too plays a small town Telangana ammayi who moves to the city in search of better prospects. And this film is the love story of these two kindred spirits, struggling to make their dreams come true. “Whether its their dreams, struggles or general outlook in life, everything about the protagonists will be true to the social strata they come from. The portrayal will resonate with scores of youth from rural Telangana who migrate to Hyderabad with big dreams in their eyes, ”reckons Sekhar, adding,“ They usually do not find much representation in Telugu cinema . This movie will tell its story.


After making sure Sai Pallavi got the nuances of playing a Banswada girl right in his last film, the filmmaker has spared no effort to ensure Chai aces the Telangana yasa. “Chaitanya has a pronounced Andhra slant when he speaks, so I've worked very hard on getting the diction right. We conducted many special workshops to ensure he gets a hang of the Telangana dialect, ”says the filmmaker, as he signs off, confident that Chai’s performance will speak for itself.