The United States tried to rescue us 6 times: Taliban prisoner

SYDNEY: An Australian teacher captive with an American colleague for the Taliban For more than three years, he believes that US special forces tried and failed six times to free them.

Timothy Weeks was released last month in a prisoner exchange along with Kevin King, ending a terrible experience that began with his kidnapping in 2016 outside of American University in Kabul , donde trabajaban. Weeks, de 50 años, dijo in una conferencia de prensa el domingo que creía que los equipos SEAL de la armada estadounidense intentaron rescatarlos repetidamente, a veces los extrañaron solo por horas después de que los secuestradores trasladaron a los dos rehenes a otros lugares.

“I believe... that they came in six times to try to get us,” he said. One attempt came in April this year. Weeks said he was woken at 2am (local time) by his guards, who told him they were under attack from Islamic State group fighters, and moved him into a tunnel.

“I believe now that it was the navy SEALs,” Weeks said. Weeks said he and King were shifted through various remote locations in Afghanistan and Pakistan throughout their captivity. He also said some Taliban guards he had encountered were “lovely people”. “I don’t hate them at all,” he said. “And some of them, I have great respect for, and great love for, almost.” He added: “I know alot of people don’t admit this, but for me, they were soldiers. And soldiers obey the commands of their commanders. (They) don’t get a choice.”