Malta's prime minister wins party support over the murdered journalist

VALETTA: The Maltese Prime Minister on Sunday won the support of his party to remain in his post despite calls from protesters to handle an investigation into the murder of a journalist in 2017. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat received the unanimous support of Labor MPs in an emergency meeting, convened a day after tycoon Yorgen Fenech was accused of complicity in the murder.

Research has shaken the southern Mediterranean island, reaching the highest levels of government. Critics, including members of Caruana Galizia's family, have accused Muscat, 45, of protecting those involved in the murder of the popular journalist and blogger who exposed cronyism and sleaze within the political and commercial elite of the small country

But a party source said after the four-hour Sunday meeting: The whole group and the deputy leader. Cardona had announced last week that he was being suspended, as the investigation into the murder of Caruana Galizia in an attack involved senior government officials.

Last week, the scandal claimed the scalps of Muscat's chief aide, Keith Schembri, and former tourism minister Konrad Mizzi. Police sources said Fenech had identified Schembri as the true mastermind behind the murder. Caruana Galizia, described as a single-woman WikiLeaks, accused Schembri of corruption along with Mizzi and Cardona. Galizia's family and thousands of protesters have repeatedly taken to the streets asking Muscat to resign.

The AFP supported Joseph Muscat, and we told him that he should choose when to resign. ” When meeting at the Muscat summer house, parliamentarians also agreed to reinstate Chris Cardona as minister of economy.