Songs, banners and a human chain: the protest by the climate crisis attracts the attention of the spectators

Around 300 students formed a human chain protesting the climate crisis, Friday at Alka Talkies. The movement that began with Greta Thunberg Now it has reached Pune students in large numbers, shared Radhika Mohod, one of the organizers of the FFF Pune chapter. “We only have 10 years to save our planet. We can see what is happening in Delhi and even after seeing that we choose to ignore. It's time we woke up before it's too late, because our fight is against time, he said.

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Holding banners with messages, both students and citizens, participated in a human chain from Alka Talkies to New English chowk. Eram Daystar, a third-year student from the Azam campus along with her friends, were present at the protest. She shared: “Being an environmental student, I am aware of the serious condition of the Earth. The question is, when will we wake up to realize that? We don't have clean air to breathe. Another student, Natasha Gandevia of the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce jokes: I am happy that my friends and I had the opportunity to raise awareness among people about climate change . These protests may take time to reach the authorities and industries, but what it does is raise awareness at the individual level. For example, we can stop using plastic bottles from which we drink water or start taking public transportation or start sharing the car. These are very basic practices, but they create a great long-term impact. ”

pt_fff (5) Goa musician Aditi Veena who writes and sings songs on environmental issues, presented one of them at the event. “I'm glad that people here in Pune are waking up to the climate crisis. I hope people in other cities also wake up to this weather emergency before it's too late, ”he said.

Glimpses of the event:

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