Alia Bhatt cries while talking about Sister Shaheen's battle against depression.

Alia Bhatt He couldn't control his emotions recently at an event, while talking about his sister, Shaheen's battle with depression. Shaheen had revealed in a Instagram He publishes how he fought depression since he was 13 years old and wrote a book about it. It was only after reading this book that Alia realized and understood the depth of her sister's battle.

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Alia is five years younger than Shaheen and burst into tears saying she was proud at the same time with a broken heart because of her sister's condition. Alia continued to reveal that despite staying with her sister all her life, she only understood her sister's emotions after reading the book titled I have never been (more) happier.

Alia said she felt guilty for not having understood her in the way she should have felt, sometimes she also felt terrible as a sister.

Arjun Kapoor , who received a copy of the book, had shared on Instagram “@shaheenb thank you for your kind words. It truly makes me happy and proud knowing you have turned something everyone thought was a weakness into ur biggest strength&dared to share when most would shy away thinking what the world would think&say ... big love and all the best with everything.