Jamshedpur is the best team in India now: Jarni

KOLKATA: On the eve of his Indian Super League match out against Jamshedpur FC at JRD Tata Sports Complex Ground, NorthEast United gaffer Robert Jarni , on Sunday, he talked about various topics ranging from his possibilities against the side trained by Antonio Iriondo to the implementation of the VAR in ISL . Excerpts ...

Planning for the match against Jamshedpur FC

We always play to win a game. But Jamshedpur FC are a very good team, they have great balance between defense and attack. At the moment, I think, they are the best team in India. I know this will be a very tough match for us but we are prepared to take on Jamshedpur and I hope we will win tomorrow.

Jamshedpur FC 's weakness

(Laughter) I can't see any. I only know my players. But they have a very good side and Antonio Iriondo (JFC coach) is doing a great job with his boys. I have seen three or four JFC games and, as I said, I think they are very good.

Concerns about injuries

Only Shouvik Ghosh (left side) is injured, but we have players to replace him. We trust a good show against a strong team like JFC.

Your goal this season

Hard to talk about the future, nobody knows. Last season we finished fourth in the league (and lost in the semifinals). This year we will try to go far. It is possible to win every game from now on and go to the final.

VAR being implemented in ISL

For me it will be very good. Sometimes it is very difficult for the referee to detect it right there. With VAR, if something happens in the field that the referee does not notice, you can go to VAR. It will be easier for the referee to make a clear decision.