Shalmali Kholgade: Acting in universities in DU is always a crazy experience

Delhi's love for punjabi music is no secret and singer Shalmali Kholgade He says that the reason he started to include some Punjabi songs in his sets is because he knows that the public in Delhi would love it. Recently, I have been coming to Delhi for many performances and the audience here is very different from the audience in the rest of the country. They love to dance to the rhythm of punjabi music. Every time I perform in Delhi, I make sure I have some Punjabi tracks on my set, ”says Shalmali, who was recently in Delhi for some performances.

The singer adds that over time the audience has become more aware of different musical genres and has grown to appreciate live performances. “I am happy that the amount of strange situations that artists would face before has now been reduced. People are becoming more sensitive about how to behave with artists. Previously, you could hear people talking while you were still acting. Also, in some places in Delhi, occasionally they would throw things at you while you were on stage, and as an interpreter you would think ‘Oh! I don't think it was so bad. Fortunately, it doesn't happen very often now, says Shalmali, who especially mentioned that acting in universities at the University of Delhi is a completely different experience and is always crazy.

The singer, known for songs like 'Pareshaan' and ' Daaru Desi ', she has been busy writing her own songs and performing live. She says she has always loved being an interpreter and is focusing on making her own music while recording Bollywood songs. “Bollywood came to me as a dessert on a plate. I wasn't expecting it. I learnt a lot in the last few years, for example, the fact that when you are recording for a film's song, you are expected to sing it in a certain way and bring a certain emotion that fits a particular character, a scene and the film. There is no shallot hai When it comes to singing in a movie because if you don't meet the requirements, your voice won't be approved. And there have been so many times that I recorded a song for a movie, but it wasn't used. The good thing about song reproduction is that you have enough time to work on your own music. I can sing movie songs while I make my own tracks, so I have focused on creating different music, ”says Shalmali, who could even give an opportunity to acting in the near future. “They ask me a lot about my debut as an actor. I hope some producer or director will hear this and approach me with a script. I would love to act in a movie, if I like something, ”he concludes.