To track economic criminals, India to collect electronic databases

NEW DELHI: The Center is preparing a comprehensive database of economic offenders called (), a web portal that will disseminate information to the base officers of the application and investigation agencies. The database will help in coordinated actions of multiple agencies against corrupt officials and corporate houses that incur financial fraud and money laundering.

The NEOR, which will probably be ready within a year, is being prepared by (CEIB), an arm of the ministry of finance. All other agencies, including CBI, Customs, Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax, Income Intelligence Directorate, General Directorate of Fiscal Intelligence of Goods and Services, have been requested to periodically update the portal from their offices nationwide .

The individual database of these agencies will be automatically incorporated into NEOR through a specific software application. The National Computing Center (NIC) of the government is working on the project together with the CEIB for the development of software and hardware to implement NEOR.

In addition to the central agencies, the economic crime wings of the state police and other agencies will have to participate obligatorily in the NEOR in terms of sharing intelligence reports and investigating cases recorded by them.

It is proposed that NEOR have bidirectional access to the field formations of the agencies, since they can enter data generated by them and, simultaneously, have access to data fed by them or by other agencies if necessary during the investigations, said a source .

The loading of real-time data by investigating officers and local agency offices will ensure a database free of errors from economic criminals. The field formations of the application agencies will have to load data in the NEOR network at each stage of investigation of the cases registered by them according to the information exchange protocol developed by CEIB.

Currently, CEIB is running a captive database called Secured Information Exchange Network (SIEN) that operates on the intranet (not available online) and information on economic criminals is shared with the headquarters of 13 selected central agencies. The Intelligence Bureau, the National Research Agency, the Financial Intelligence Unit, the National Technical Research Organization and the cabinet secretariat are connected through the SIEN network in addition to the CBI, ED, DRI, SFIO, BSF, the Bureau of Narcotics Control and the General Directorate of Intelligence GST.

Members of about 25 Regional Economic Intelligence Committees, which include state central agency units, EOW of the state police and their other special investigation units investigating the terrorist network and drug cartels will participate in NEOR and will have to Feed progress reports in stages. research

The CEIB, which maintains records of economic offenders and suspected tax evaders, has made more than 8,500 records of large-scale money laundering entities inside and outside the country. Through its SIEN database, the CEIB shared 23,600 intelligence entries with several enforcement agencies in 2018-19.