Madhya Pradesh: class 10 study material replaces the game with Gandhiji, Congress demands action

BHOPAL: The state board has been caught in another editing scandal. This time, the word game has been replaced by the Father of the nation: Mahatma Gandhi's last name in the 10-3 class model test. Many people have raised serious questions about document editing standards. But this is not the first time that such an error occurs, a few days before, the incorrect birth date of Kalpana Chawala and the wrong death year of former APJ President Abdul Kalam came to light.

The sentence in the test document says: Kubuddhi was an evil man and led a life drinking and gandhijis, replacing gandhijis gambling. Some congressional leaders have called for actions against the responsible person as shown Mahatma Gandhi In a bad light.

The Minister of Education learned about the matter and said that the department will act against the responsible person. We will investigate the matter and take strict measures against the person responsible for this, Choudhury told TOI.

The Jansampark state department also tweeted a photo of the page with the printing error along with the statement of public relations officer PC Sharma saying: Measures will be taken against the person who made this mistake.

The commissioner of the Public Relations Directorate, Jaishree Kiyawat, said: “The mistake was not intentional, it was a typing error and the reviewer of the test document received a notice for it. The document was for recovery classes taught to weaker students to help them prepare for meetings. We take these mistakes very seriously and we also have problems to correct them. ”

In the General Hindi textbook of class 12, the year of the death of the APJ missile Abdul Kalam was printed as 1915 instead of 2015. The books for class 12 were distributed in July this year.

Kiyawat clarified that the error came to light earlier this year and that the Directorate ordered the correction in the new edition. She called it a typing mistake and said it will be corrected in the next editions of the book.

Class 8 English textbook also mentions the birth date of Kalpana Chawala on March 17, 1962 instead of July 1, 1961.

Sources from the textbook department of Rajya Shiksha Kendra said the study material for the MP board is the same as NCERT, due to which the error occurred.