Rishi Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar demand justice for the victim of Hyderabad

At a time when the entire nation demands severe punishment for the defendant in the case of murder and murder of a 25-year-old veterinary woman, Bollywood The stars have also opened expressing their protest against the brutal crime.

Demanding capital punishment for rapists, Rishi Kapoor tuiteó: ¡Apoyo la capital punishment para los violadores! ¡Esto tiene que parar!

The veteran actor also shared a post that says: Humans are alive, but what about humanity? One more incident, another more innocent, what was your fault?

Just one question, how long do we have to tolerate this? Who is responsible for such an embarrassing incident? Is it because of the bad law or the easy access to the Internet that led to this cruel act? So many things must be responsible but from now on all we want is justice

It won't stop in a short time, let's get together and make a move ...! A stricter law must be enforced and that person must feel the fear of death even before thinking about doing something. There can only be one punishment for such an act: 'death penalty', this is the voice of all India, this is what everyone wants. The nation is crying, we lost our son more ... Wake people up, although the lifestyle is improving but humanity is slowly dying ... It's time ...!

Reacting to Rishi Kapoor 's tweet, actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar tweeted: "The 4 convicted rapists/killers of Jyoti Singh were given capital punishment . It has now been 7 years. They are still alive. That's how grindingly slow the wheels of justice on a (fast-tracked!!) case that shook this country to its core have turned. It's pathetic. @chintskap".

In another tweet, he wrote: The irony that these monsters who showed no mercy to their victim can file mercy requests even after the Supreme Court confirms that their sentence is simply disconcerting!

He added: "Yes justice should be expedited and I think the only people who should have the right to forgive someone from capital punishment (if sentenced to it) are members of the victims family. There's no way you, I or the President could know what their pain feels like."

Meanwhile, the hashtag that demands justice for the victim is in trend Twitter while the whole nation is agitated and seeks justice.

Richa Chadha has also tweeted about the same. In reaction to a journalist's tweet, the actress wrote: I could have saved a life! adding the hashtag