Rohit Haldar gets excited with Don Special

Marathi viewers will be able to see Rohit Haldar's journey as an actor through a television show 'Don Special '. The actor who is currently portraying a negative character in 'Jiv ​​Zhala Yedapisa' shared many interesting anecdotes related to his life. In one of the segments, host Jitendra Joshi showed him a picture that featured him and Rohit. Looking at this picture, Haldar got a little emotional and said he is glad he had the opportunity to meet a friend like Jitendra.

Jitendra too couldn't control his emotions and got up from his seat to give Rohit a tight hug. Later, I shared about his bond with Jackie Shroff and Makarand Deshpande. Along with Rohit, other actors of 'Jiv ​​Zhala Yedapisa' were also present on the show.